1. Student – WordPress Theme for University and Online Learning Management System

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If you’re looking for a WordPress theme to for students, education, or online learning, then you’ll be glad to hear that you’ve come to the right place! Welcome to ThemesOnMe. Here, we pride ourselves on bringing you the very best WordPress themes that are currently available on the market. We bring you the top, tried and tested, user rated examples in any given industry. In other words – we do all of the investigating so that you don’t have to. So, before you go ahead and make your purchase – first, ensure that you check out our ThemesOnMe list of the best 3 WordPress themes for students.

First up on our ThemesOnMe run down of the top rated WordPress student themes, you’ll be delighted to hear that we have a heck of a treat in store for you. Get ready to feast your eyes on a truly fantastic looking and highly impressive example. Meet the wonderful; Student – WordPress Theme for University and Online Learning Management System. Now, is that a nice looking theme or what?!

As you can see, the simply named Student WordPress theme boasts a simply stunning design. Is it modern? Yes. Is it clean? As a whistle. And is it slick? You bet it is. There’s no denying that this theme provides an air of professionalism in it’s overall aesthetic that money simply can’t buy.

But, as we all know – it’s not good practice to judge a book simply by it’s cover. And by book we mean website theme, and by cover – we mean design. So, let’s instead take a look at what else the Student theme has to offer. You’ll be glad to hear that in terms of it’s overall performance, stamina and reliability – it happens to fair pretty well.

For instance, the Student WordPress theme offers a uniquely simple and straight forward platform for you to build, customise and create your site via. So that’s pretty cool. First of all, the themes offers a choice of no less than three different home page styles to choose from. This is also followed up by a selection of two different, pre designed header styles.

It’s pre made, expertly designed pages and features like this that make creating your site an absolute breeze. Simply select the elements to prefer and build your new website in a ‘paint by numbers’ sort of style, with absolutely no coding whatsoever required. If one thing’s for sure – it’s that you certainly don’t need to be a tech genius with the Student WordPress theme. And that’s always a bonus.

On top of that, you’ll also be pleased to hear that the Student WordPress theme is compatible with a whole host of useful external plugins. Many of which, are an essential part of any successful and accessible website. For instance, the theme is fully compatible with the following; WooCmmerce, MailChimp, King Composer, WPML, The Event Calendar, and Contact Form 7. To name just a few!

2. WPLMS Learning Management System for WordPress, Education Theme

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Moving on now to the second instalment on our ThemesOnMe top rated student WordPress themes list. And once again, you’ll be glad to hear that we have another truly stunning WordPress example lined up for you all today. So, if you weren’t completely convinced by the previous Student theme that we suggested, then don’t worry. Make sure you stick around for these next two, top recommendations. You never know – this next theme could be the ideal choice for your project.

Next up on our list, and in at number two, ThemesOnMe.com are absolutely delighted to unveil to you all another fantastic, impressive and unique WordPress theme. Get ready to feast your eyes on the visually stunning and super popular; WPLMS Learning Management System for WordPress, Education Theme. Looks pretty great, even if we do say so ourselves!

As you’ve probably gathered, there are a whole heap of things to be said about this particular WordPress theme. But fear not. They are all super positive, and pretty exciting, to say the least. Let’s begin then with the most obvious aspect of theWPLMS WordPress theme. And that would be it’s looks. This theme is modern, it’s clean and it’s contemporary.

But aside from it’s obviously attractive visual features, you’ll be glad to hear that there’s a lot more on offer form this particular WordPress theme. Another one of WPLMS’s most appealing features is that it happens to be based on an extremely intuitive design, making it ideal for navigating and learning. For instance, it’s packed full of a whole heap of industry specific features and functions that are guaranteed to make your site more successful.

For starters, WPLMS offers a fantastic front end course creator. This essentially allows instructors to quickly and easily create and customise their courses, via the front end of your site, as opposed to the WordPress backend. This is obviously ideal for a number of reasons, namely, that the back end of WordPress is much less user friendly for your average non IT teacher. So that’s pretty cool.

Similarly, the WPLMS WordPress theme also offers a really comprehensive front end course management system. This essentially allows you to quickly and easily add and remove students from different courses. You can also easily change course details from here, as well as view results, stats, figures and numbers relating to each specific course. All without having to see the backed of WordPress, and all without needing to know even a single line of website coding. So that’s pretty cool. Don’t you think?

3. Sayidan – University Alumni WP theme

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Have you still not found quite what you’re looking for? No problem. That brings us now to the third and final WordPress theme for students that we have for you today. And once again, you’ll be happy to hear that the last theme we have lined up for you today is an absolute cracker. So, make sure you check out this next, top user rated theme for students. It could very well be the ideal choice for your organisation, group or community.

Up last now on our ThemesOnMe list of the top, user rated WordPress themes for students, get ready for a stellar example. Meet the visually impressive and super highly popular; Sayidan – University Alumni WP theme. Now just look at that. What a beauty. What a beauty indeed.

The Sayidan WordPress theme is a fantastic WordPress example for many reasons. For starters, it comes fully loaded, and jam packed with a whole heap of generally helpful features and functions that are guaranteed to set you up to hit the ground running.

For example, unlike many other competing website theme’s for students, the Sayidan WordPress theme just so happens to be translation ready. We’ll bet that you can’t imagine an education based theme that’s not set up for translations. Make sure that your site is as accessible as it can possibly be by ensuring that you opt for a theme that can handle translations. It’s a no brainer really.

Additionally, the Sayidan WordPress theme also offers a fantastic, inbuilt program and events planner. So that’s pretty cool. This allows you to essentially promote and advertise the various goings on, and upcoming happenings. Such as talks, workshops, lectures, readings and so on and so forth. You can sell tickets, gauge numbers, advertise, and build momentum towards the event with the theme’s handy count down timer. All in all – a pretty cool feature to have, particularly for a student based website, where events are pretty much a constant stress.

Still not 100% sure on this one? No? That’s ok. Well, if you’re still in need of a little bit of persuading in terms of the Sayidan WordPress theme being an ideal choice for your site, then perhaps this little added extra will help.

It just so happens that this WordPress theme has been officially quality checked by the one and only Envato marketplace. This essentially means that you can truly rest assured that what you’re getting here is a robust, reliable and professional piece of software. That, you really can count on.

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