1. BuzzMag – Viral News WordPress Magazine/Blog Theme

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If you’re looking to star a successful viral news based website, then there’s a few things you’re going to need. First of all – a robust, reliable and professional website theme. Second – a theme that is fully optimised for SEO. And thirdly – a theme that is fully responsive, and optimised for mobile and tablet use. If this sounds like the kind of thing you’re looking for, then you’ve certainly come to the right place. So make sure you check out our top, user rated list of the three best WordPress themes for viral news.

First up, and in at number one on our ThemesOnMe run down of the top, user rated WordPress themes for viral news, you’ll be happy to hear that we have a cracking product in store for you all. Get ready to feast your eyes on the fantastic looking and highly popular; BuzzMag – Viral News WordPress Magazine/Blog Theme. Now that looks like an authentic, safe and trustworthy viral news site, even if we do say so ourselves.

As you can see from the image located above, the BuzzMag WordPress theme is nothing if not good looking. Is it modern? Yes. Is it clean? Squeaky. And is it slick, suave and super smooth? You better believe it is. All in all, BuzzMag arguably provides a credible, fun, and visually engaging aesthetic for you to build your site on, and to of course, launch your viral news via.

But let’s put looks aside for a moment, there’s more to this WordPress theme than just a pretty face (you’ll be glad to know). This theme fairs really well when it comes to it’s overall usability and functionality, and if there’s one thing you can be sure of – it’s that this theme will not disappoint.

For instance, BuzzMag offers a choice of no less than four, pre made and expertly designed home page styles to choose from. So that’s pretty cool. Similarly, the theme offers a choice of four separate category layouts. There are also four different featured posts to pick from, along with four different post formats. So, all in all, quite a lot of potential layout variations on the table here, which is ideally what you want for a typical viral new based site.

Furthermore, the BuzzMag WordPress theme is also translation ready. Can you imagine any kind of news based website that doesn’t offer translations, let alone a supposed viral news site? No. Of course you can’t. That would be ridiculous. Make sure that you really do make the most of your global audience, by ensuring that you opt for a theme that is fully translatable. A viral news story is that very thing – global. If your site isn’t accessible to most of the globe, then how on earth do you expect your stories to gain any traction? It’s a no brainer really.

2. Cuckoo: Viral, News, Magazine WordPress Theme

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Moo-ving on now to the next top rated WordPress theme that we have for you today (cow pun very much intended). If you weren’t 100% sold on the previous BuzzMag WordPress theme that we suggested, then don’t worry. There are plenty more fish in the sea. And we happen to have two brilliant fish still in store for you today.

Next up on our list now, ThemesOnMe.com are delighted to introduce to you all another truly stelar WordPress example. Meet the big, the bold and the beautiful; Cuckoo: Viral, News, Magazine WordPress Theme. Now is that a nice looking theme, or is that a nice looking theme?

As you can clearly see form the above image, the Cuckoo WordPress theme boasts none other than an instantly eye catching design. It’s striking design and colour tones really make the expertly selected typography pop out at you. It’s a sure fire way to inject a bit of added credibility into your viral news site. So many of them these days are full of really spammy content, and super click bait style articles. Make sure you stand out from the crowd with a polished, professional and credible aesthetic.

And it’s more than just a pretty face, you’ll be pleased to hear. Apart from it’s obviously attractive design, one of the most important aspects of this particular WordPress theme, is that is that it allows front end submissions. Yup, that’s right. Front end. So, you don’t need to give all of your various writers, bloggers and VAs access to your backend WordPress area. They can simply submit their posts, articles and stories front end, and wait for them to go viral.

Additionally, the Cuckoo WordPress theme offers a whole host of ultra modern features and functions that any hopeful viral news site should certainly not be without. For instance, Cuckoo offers ajax search functions, parallax scrolling, and sticky sidebars. Make sure that your new viral news site doesn’t end up stuck in the dark ages. Remember that this is 2018, not 2012. So let’s opt for a WordPress theme that’s in line with current website trends, fashions and styles. It’s a no brainer really.

And on top of all of that, you’ll be glad to hear that the Cuckoo WordPress theme also happens to be based on a fully responsive design. This of course means, that it’s mobile friendly. It has been optimised for smart phone and tablet use. This is an absolute must in this day and age, but unfortunately many competing theme’s lack this essential feature. Make sure you opt for a theme that will automatically re-size and re proportion your beautifully crafted content, no matter what device is being used to view your site.

3. Click Mag – Viral WordPress News Magazine/Blog Theme

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And that brings us now to the third and final viral news WordPress theme that we have lined up for you today. And, you’ll be glad to hear, that once again it’s an absolute cracker. We have, in true ThemesOnMe style, saved our favourite theme for last. So, if you’re looking for something that’s sure to set you up to hit the ground running, no matter what your size or stature, then you really need not look any further. This next top theme could very well be the ideal match for your site.

Last up now on our list, and in at number three, get ready to feast your eyes on another top treat. Meet the visually stunning and super highly impressive; Click Mag – Viral WordPress News Magazine/Blog Theme.

Now, if you don’t look a this theme and instantly become inspired, then there must be something wrong. This is perhaps the best example of how a viral news site should look. It’s fun, it’s engaging, it’s slick, it’s bold, bright and beautiful. It’s a hit from us.

And aside from it’s attractive design and slick aesthetic, there’s more to be said about Click Mag. For instance, it comes jam packed with a host of generally helpful features that will set you up to hit the ground running. Is it high resolution? Yes. Is it widget ready? You bet. And is it well documented? You better believe it. It’s also compatible across pretty much any internet browsing application that you can think of. So that’s pretty cool too.

Furthermore, Click Mag comes with the essential WooCommerce plugin already installed, enabled and ready to go. So, were you hoping to set up an online store, or sell any goods, merch or products via your viral news site? Of course you were.

Still not convinced? That’s ok. It’s a big decision to make. And it’s one that you want to ideally get right the first time. So, if it’s a little bit of added reassurance that you need, then perhaps this will help to fully persuade you of the Click Mag theme’s epic potential. It just so happens that this particular WordPress theme has been officially quality checked by the number one theme selling marketplace – Envato.

This essentially means that you can rest assured that what you’re purchasing really is a sound investment. Click Mag is a certified, top quality, reliable and trustworthy piece of software. That, you really can count on.

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