1. WordPress Resume Theme – Squareroot

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Are you a freelancer looking to publicise your resume in an accessible format for potential employers? Does your current C.V site need a bit of sprucing up? Are you looking into a potential career change? If any or all of these sound a little familiar then it sounds like what you need is a decent, modern and professional WordPress theme for your online resume. And for that – this is the perfect place to be. Here at ThemesOnMe.com, we take the top, user rated WordPress themes in any given industry, and we bring you their ins and outs. So, before you make a final decision, make sure you check out out top three recommended WordPress themes for resumes.

First up on our ThemesOnMe run down of the highest ranking WordPress themes for resumes, you’ll be happy to hear we have a fantastic treat in store for you. Feast your eyes on the fantastic looking and super duper popular; WordPress Resume Theme – Squareroot. Looks pretty darn great, even if we do say so ourselves!

As you can clearly see from the above image, the Squareroot WordPress theme boasts a super attractive design. It’s slick and it’s suave. It’s modern and it’s magnificent. Truth be told, it looks more akin to something out of a modern Bond movie than a cover for a resume. But then, there you go – what a way to wow your potential employers. The name’s Bond, James Bond. Shaken’ not stirred.

But alas, let’s put looks and suave to one side for a second, and take a look at what’s on offer behind the scenes of this top quality resume WordPress theme. Well, you’ll no doubt be pleased to hear that there happens to be quite a lot on offer from Squareroot. A lot on offer indeed. For starters, it’s not just modern – it’s ultra modern.

Squareroot is a super slick, one page website. If you know your stuff at all then you’ll know straightaway that single page sites are all the rage. Additionally, Squareroot offers multiple parallax scrolling effects. If you’re not quite sure what these are, then you need to look them up. In short, they are the pillar of a modern website. So, you need to ask yourself the following important question. Do you want to drag your current CV straight into 2018? Of course you do! Then you really need not look any further. Squareroot will most definitely be a fantastic choice for your resume website. That, you can count on.

Additionally, Squareroot offers no less than four stylish, pre designed home page templates for you to choose from. These slick home page designs are complimented by the themes choice of three different navigation styles. The backgrounds are also all fully customisable. You can choose to either flat lay an image or a solid colour, or alternatively you can opt for a pattern or abstract design. So that’s pretty cool all in all. Don’t you think?


2. CVitae – Premium Responsive WordPress Resume

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And moving on now to the second contender on our ThemeOnMe resume run down. And once again, we have another stellar piece of software lined up and waiting for you. Were you not totally sold on the Squareroot theme? A bit too flashy, and a little too cheesy for you? No problem. What we have lined up for you next may well be your ideal dream theme. If you’re looking for light, simple and elegant, then look no further.

Once again, ThemesOnMe.com are delighted to introduce the superb looking and super highly rated; CVitae – Premium Responsive WordPress Resume. Looks pretty neat, doesn’t it? CViate is fresh, it’s clean and it does exactly what it says on the tin. It’s an ideal choice for serious professionals, particularly those in less creative and flashy fields, such as IT, accounting, banking, legal and soliciting.

But aside form it’s aesthetically pleasing exterior, you’ll be pleased to hear that when it comes to it;s overall functionality and usability, the CVitae WordPress theme certainly fails to disappoint. For starters, CVitae offers a free, instant, printable resume.

For those of you who have had any real job searching experience, you’ll appreciate how useful a feature, and a freebie this is to have. Even with your online resume, you’ll need to be constantly printing our hard copies to send to potential employers. So, do yourself a favour and opt for a theme that offers a free, pre made, and professionally designed CV for you to print. End that age old formatting nightmare. You’ll be glad you did.

Additionally, the CVitae WordPress theme also offers a whoppingly generous choice of no less than sixteen different intros to choose form. So that’s pretty cool. Furthermore, the theme’s web development team offers free intro image customisation, for those who are struggling to come up with a decent intro image. Now, you can’t really ask for much more than that now, can you?

And on top of all of that, you’ll be glad to hear that the CVitae WordPress theme also happens to be based on a fully responsive design that is entirely optimised for both mobile and tablet use. This is an absolute must in this day and age, and particularly for an online resume. Ensure that you make it as easy as possible for employers to access your resume. Opt for a theme that is based on a fully responsive design. It shouldn’t matter what sort of device is being used to access your site. It’s a no brainer, really.

3. Empathy – A vCard & Resume Template

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And that brings us now to our third and final top WordPress recommendation for creating the perfect online resume. And, once again, you’ll be happy to hear that we have saved our favourite example for last – in true and classic ThemesOnMe style. So, if you weren’t quite convinced by either the Squareroot, or the CVite WordPress themes that we suggested, then don’t worry. There’s a high change that this next bad boy will be right up your street. Check it out.

Last up on our list now, and in at number three, ThemesOnMe.com are once again completely delighted to unveil to you our final recommendation. For the ultimate online resume – you’re going to want to get a hold of this baby. Meet the superb looking and highly impressive; Empathy – A vCard & Resume Template. Now is that a good looking theme, or what?!

Let’s start off with the glaringly obvious, and talk about this theme’s overall looks, design and aesthetic. Empathy boasts an undeniably attractive exterior. It’s modern, suave and slick. It’s a sure fire way to add an air of credibility to your online resume, to your cause, and by extension, to you personally. Particularly in the eyes of your potential employers.

No matter what the saying, people do judge a book by it’s cover. And in this case, by ‘book’ we mean you, and by ‘people’, we mean your potential employers. But at the end of the day, it’s not all about looks when it comes to your online resume. And Empathy offers a heck of a lot of great features and functions to help back this up.

Empathy has over 18,000 users, so it must be doing something right. One of it’s most appealing features is that it offers a whopping 67 different page animations to choose from. You can thereby make your site as slick as you like, so that’s pretty cool.

Similarly, this is a high performing theme. This essentially means it’s high speed. No page loading times. Not only does this help improve the overall user experience of browsing your site, but it also helps your site’s SEO. And that’s a god thing. A very good thing.

Additionally, Empathy also offers over thirty different social icons, and it’s widget ready. So, in other words, you won’t have any issues whatsoever with integrating your various social media links with your site. Imbed your professional Twitter, LinkedIn & Google+ pages to your site. Show off all of your industry contacts, followers and retweets to your potential employers. Trust us, you’ll have to job in no time.

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