1. FWRD – Music Band & Musician WordPress Theme wordpress themes for musicians 1

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If you’re a musician, agent or record label looking for a fresh new website theme, then you’ve come to the right place. Here at ThemesOnMe.com, we take the top, user rated WordPress themes that the market has to offer in any given industry. We pride ourselves on bringing you the ins and outs of these top themes. The juice. The D/L. The pros and cons. The good the bad and the ugly. In other words, we do all of the hard work so that you don’t have to. So, before you go ahead and make your purchase, make sure that you check out out list of the best WordPress themes for musicians. Here are our top three suggestions.

In at number one on out list, you’ll probably be glad to hear that we happen to have a real treat in store for you all. If you’re looking for something that really has that ‘wow’ factor, then you really need not look any further. Meet the visually stunning and super highly popular; FWRD – Music Band & Musician WordPress Theme. Looks pretty amazing, even if we do say so ourselves!

There are a million and one great things to say about this particular WordPress theme. But we have to start somewhere. So, let’s begin by taking a look a the most obvious attractions of the FWRD theme, and that would be it’s looks. As you can see, the FWRD theme boasts a highly attractive and visually stunning exterior. It’s modern, clean, cool and slick. And that right there is a recipe for success. That, you can count on.

But looks aside, there’s a whole lot more on offer from the FWRD WordPress theme. And when it comes to it’s overall usability and functionality, you won’t be disappointed. Trust us. For instance, FWRD offers an extremely generous range of pre made, and beautifully designed demos for you to choose from. No matter what sort of genre, or style of music that you’re into, you can rest assured that there will be an expertly crafted demo right there for you to choose. DJ? Metal band? Rock group? Indie collective? A cappella choir? Producer? Folk singer? Whatever your niche, FWRD has got you covered.

Additionally, you’ll be glad to hear that the FWRD WordPress theme also offers a whole host of super cool, ultra modern features and functions. So if you’re looking to stay ahead of the curve with your new website, or drag an existing site into 2018, then you’re going to want any and all of the following features. Full video backgrounds – these are mega trendy at the minute, so you’ll want to jump on that band wagon. Similarly, the popular parallax scrolling effect – make sure you get in on this if you don’t want it to look like your dad built your website. Unless of course your dad is a really cool web designer, then fair enough.

And on top of all of that, if you’re still not convinced by this theme’s epic potential, then get a load of this. Purchase of the fantastic FWRD WordPress theme also happens to include no less than six months of free support from the theme’s web development team. Yup, you heard that correctly. That’s no less than half a year of round the clock, professional help, support and advice. All completely free.

2. Lush – Music Band & Musician WordPress Theme

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And moving on now to our next top, user rated WordPress recommendations for all you budding musicians out there. Weren’t quite convinced by the previous Lush WordPress theme that we recommended? No problem. We got another two hella great themes lined up for you now, so you’re sure to find something that’s a bit more up your street. Just. You. Wait.

Up next on our list now, and in at number two, ThemesOnMe are once again delighted to unveil to you all another truly impressive WordPress example. Get ready to feast your eyes on the big, the bold and the beautiful; Lush – Music Band & Musician WordPress Theme. Now is that impressive, or is that impressive?

The Lush WordPress theme is an ideal choice for DJ’s, bands and musicians alike. It’s packed full of all of the standard WordPress bits and bobs that you’d hope to expect, and it also comes with a few industry specific treats that you’ll probably find quite exciting.

For instance, the Lush WordPress theme comes complete with a extremely cool, and pretty handy events and gigs count down timer. If you’ve run an event before, then you’ll know straight away how valuable something as simple as a countdown to the big night can be. Build anticipation, sell more tickets, and create momentum for your launch nights but ensuring that you opt for a theme with a decent built in count down timer. It’s a no brainer really.

Additionally, the Lush WordPress theme is also a great choice because it also features a parallax scrolling option. At the end of the day it’s pretty simple. If you want your site to look modern, slick and suave, then you’re going to need to employ at least a few modern website attributes. One of the easiest and most effective ways to drag your site into this day and age, is to stick on some super cool parallax scrolling.

And as if all of that wasn’t enough to fully convince you that the Lush WordPress theme would be a great asset to your music, then perhaps this little added perk will do the trick. It just so happens that purchase of this particular WordPress theme also includes free lifetime updates.

3. Music WordPress Template – For Musicians / Artists

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And that brings us now to the third and final instalment on out ThemesOnMe list of the top, user rated WordPress examples for musicians. So, if you haven;t yet found the theme of your dreams, then don’t worry. Perhaps this next, stunning example will be the ideal match for your group, sounds and branding. You never know.

Next up on our list now, and in at number three, give it up for our third and final WordPress recommendation for musicians. Meet the amazing looking, and simply named; Music WordPress Template – For Musicians / Artists. Just. Look. At. It!

Aside from it’s obviously attractive visual elements, there’s a whole lot on offer from this bad boy. It happens to come fully loaded with a host of fantastic features and functions that will truly set you up to hit the ground running. Is it widget ready, we hear you ask? Yes. You bet it is. So, if you wanted to integrate your various social media accounts with your site (which you obviously will), then this is something you can’t miss out on.

Similarly, the Music WordPress theme offers a choice of two stunningly designed home pages to choose from. So, if you don’t like being bogged down by hundreds of different options, this simple, to the point and straight talking theme will be a great choice for you. It does exactly what it says on the tin, without going on about it.

Additionally, the Music WordPress theme is also based on a fully responsive design. So, your fans, audience, listeners and subscribers can easily access your music no matter what device they’re using. Whether it’s a smart phone, tablet, lap top, or desk top computer, you can rest assured that your site will always look bang on. And that’s always a good thing. A very good thing.

Still not convinced? Well then perhaps this little added ‘security blanket’ will help to fully convince you of this theme’s fantastic potential. It so happens that this particular music related WordPress theme has been officially quality checked by the one and only theme selling giant. None other than the fantastic Envato marketplace.

This essentially means that you can absolutely rest assured that this is a sound investment. It’s a strong, stable and reliable piece of software. It won’t let you down. It has been expertly crafted by a team of professionals, and it’s both trustworthy and top quality. That, you really can count on.

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