3 Best WordPress Themes For Graphic Designers

1. Revaldak – Printshop & Graphic Design Services WordPress Theme wordpress themes for graphic designers 1

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Are you in the market for a slick, fresh, and modern new website theme for your graphic design related organisation? Great! Then you’ll be glad to hear that you’ve certainly come to the right place. Here at ThemesOnMe, we pride ourselves on taking the top, user rated WordPress theme’s that the market has to offer, and bringing you their ins and outs. We do all of the investigating so that you don’t have to. So, without any further ado, please check out our top, user rated WordPress themes for graphic designers. Here are our three favourite WordPress examples.

First up on out list, and in at number one – you’ll no doubt be glad to hear that we have a fantastic treat in store for you. Meet the fantastic looking and super highly popular; Revaldak – Printshop & Graphic Design Services WordPress Theme. Just. Look. At. It!

Aside from this theme’s attractive visual properties, you’ll be glad to hear that when it comes to it’s overall performance, functionality and usability, it certainly fails to disappoint. For example, the Revaldak WordPress theme just so happens to come fully loaded and chock a block full of a whole heap of generally handy features and functions. These are guaranteed to make the day to day runnings of your website much, much easier. Trust us.

To give you an idea, unlike many other competing themes, the Revaldak WordPress theme is high resolution. Now, as a graphic designer, you’ll surely already realise the importance of opting for a theme that can handle high resolution media. For example, all of your wonderfully crafted HD videos, and high resolution images, graphics and digital photographs.

Secondly, you’ll be glad to hear that the Revaldak WordPress theme is also widget ready. Were you hoping to integrate your various social media accounts onto your site? Of course you were. Then this is certainly not a feature that you want to miss out on. Revaldak will allow you to quickly and easily showcase your various social feeds. You can set up your Facebook, Twitter & Instagram feeds directly onto your site. So that’s pretty cool. Don’t you think?

Additionally, Revaldak also offers a series of multiple, pre designed and expertly crafted demos for you to choose form. These demos are essentially pre made websites. They have all been hand crafted form the theme. Each with differing layouts, designs and attributes. And on top of that – they are all covered by the theme’s super fast one click installation.

Yup, you heard that right. That’s one click, Just one. Long gone are the days of having to sit around for ages, waiting for the thing to finish downloading. Well, not anymore. With the Revaldak WordPress theme, you really can rest assured that you’ll have your new site up and running in just a matter of minutes. And that’s always a bonus!

2. Tetriz – Creative Portfolio WordPress Theme

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And that brings us now to the second instalment on our ThemesOnMe list of the top, user rated WordPress themes for graphic designers. And, you’ll be glad to hear that we have another stellar WordPress example lined up next for you all. Were you not totally sold on the previous Revaldak WordPress theme that we recommended? No problem. But make sure that you stick around for this next, top rated suggestion. You never know – it may just be the ideal fit for your brand, organisation or startup.

Next up on our list now, and in at number two, ThemesOnMe.com are once again delighted to unveil to you all another fantastic theme. Get ready to feast your eyes on the visually stunning and super highly rated; Tetriz – Creative Portfolio WordPress Theme. Now is that a good looking theme, or is that a good looking theme?

As you may have already gathered, there are a whole lot of things to be said about this particular graphic design based WordPress theme. But don’t worry! They are all really positive. So, where to begin? Let’s start with the glaringly obvious, and take a look at this theme’s overall design.

As you can clearly tell from the above image, the Tetriz WordPress theme just so happens to boast an attractive, engaging and eye catching design. Is it modern? Yes. Is it clean? You bet. And is it minimalist? Hell yes. This slick and sophistocated avant garde aesthetic is a sure fire way to add a bit of credibility to your current online profile. It can’t be denied that this theme offers a wonderful canvas for you to showcase your various works, designs, art and media. That, you can count on.

But let’s put looks aside for a second, and take a look at this theme’s overall performance and usability. Well, you’ll be glad to hear that when it comes down to it, there’s a lot more on offer from the Tetriz WordPress theme than just a pretty face. For instance, the theme offers the ever popular and highly trendy grid based layout. This grid design is especially popular amongst creative industries. It’s widely considered the best online layout format for showcasing modern art works, designs and media. As you probably already know.

Additionally, the Tetriz WordPress theme is also translation ready. Ensure that your website is as accessible as it can possibly be by ensuring that you opt for a theme that offers translation options. Make use of your global market. You won’t regret it.

And on top of that, you’ll no doubt be glad to hear that this theme is also responsive. Yup, as you’d hope to expect with most modern WordPress examples, Tetriz is based on a fully responsive design that is entirely optimised for both mobile and tablet use. Now, if you’re not much of a tech expert, then don’t worry.

Essentially, this means that your carefully crafted website content will always be displayed correctly and consistently when being viewed across different devices. For example, no matter whether your audience are viewing your site via a smart phone, tablet, laptop, or desk top computer, you can always rest assured that they will get the same, top dollar user experience.

3. Eject | Web Studio & Creative Agency

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And that brings us now to the third and final WordPress example for graphic designers that we have in store for you today. So, if you haven’t yet found a theme that you truly love, then that’s ok. You’ll be glad to hear that, in true ThemesOnMe style, we happen to have saved our very favourite example for last. So if you’re looking for something that’s sure to set you up to hit the ground running, no matter what your company’s size or stature, then you really need not look any further. This next theme could be the perfect choice for your brand.

Up last on our list, but certainly not least, and in at number three, get ready to meet another stellar WordPress example. Feast your eyes on the wonderful looking, and expertly crafted; Eject | Web Studio & Creative Agency. As you can see, it’s a bit of a looker – even if we do say so ourselves.

And it has a lot more than just looks to offer, that’s for sure. For starters, Eject provides an extremely quick, simple and straightforward platform for you to build, customise and create your site via. You can use the theme’s popular drag and drop style page builder, along with the premium external visual composer plugin. This essentially means that you can craft a truly beautiful website without needing to know a single line of coding.

Additionally, the Eject WordPress theme also comes with a whole host of font options. You can choose form a range of hundreds of different Google fonts. So that’s pretty cool. And similarly, you can make use of the theme’s already installed Fontello icons. So that should save you a bit of design work, which is always a good thing.

And if all of those fantastic selling points weren’t quite enough to convince you of this theme’s epic potential, then perhaps this little added extra will be enough to fully convince you. If it’s a little more assurance, and a bit of a ‘security blanket’ that you’re after before parting with your hard earned cash, then you’ll love this.

It just so happens that this particular graphic design based WordPress theme has been officially quality checked by the one and only theme selling marketplace – Envato. This means that you can most definitely rest assured that what you’re purchasing really is a professional, robust and reliable piece of software. That, you can count on

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