1. Rosebud – A Flower Shop and Florist WordPress Theme

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Is your currently floristry website looking a little, shall we say, wilted these days? Does it feel like it needs a new lease of life? Well come on then – wake up and smell the roses! If this sounds familiar, then it sounds like you might be in need of a nice, fresh, and shiny new WordPress theme. And you’ll be glad to hear, that you’ve come to the exact right place. Welcome to the one any only – ThemesOnMe.com. Here, we strive to bring you the very best industry themes that WordPress has to offer. The best, highest rated, user voted themes – and nothing less. So, without any further ado – check out our top three WordPress themes for florists.

First up on our ThemesOnMe run down of the hottest floral themes on the market, you’ll be glad to hear that we have a beautiful treat in store for you. Give it up for the magnificent looking, extremely popular, and sweetly named; Rosebud – A Flower Shop and Florist WordPress Theme. Now, is it an eye catching, authentic, and beautifully crafted theme that you’re after? Of course it is. And you really need not look any further.

As you can see, the aptly named Rosebud WordPress theme features a stunning design. Is it modern? Yes. Is it elegant? You bet it is. And is it clean? It’s as clean as clean can be. But more importantly, the Rosebud WordPress theme looks slick, credible and professional. It’s highly attractive and mega impressive aesthetic is a sure fire way to captivate your audience, and dazzle them with your beautiful products, and stunning arrangements. That, you can count on.

But, as we all know, it’s not wise to judge a book solely on it’s cover. And in this case the ‘book’ is your website, and the ‘cover’, is of course, it’s design. So, let us instead take a look at what lies beneath the surface of this stunning WordPress theme, and see what else it has to offer. Well, you’ll be glad to hear that when it comes to it’s overall usability and functionality – Rosebud certainly fails to disappoint.

For instance, the theme offers a generous selection of no less than three, pre made, and stunningly designed home page styles for you to choose form. So that’s pretty cool. Not only are these home pages all jaw droppingly beautiful, but they are also all unique. You can pick from the sweetly named ‘Magnolia Home Page’, ‘Daffodil Home Page’, or the ‘Marigold Home Page’. Can it literally get anymore sickly sweet than this? Yes. Yes it can.

And on top of that, you’ll be pleased to hear that the Rosebud WordPress theme will also drag your current site out of the dark ages, and in line with modern trends. This is especially useful if you already have a site that’s looking a little tired, and perhaps a bit ‘stuck in 2013’, or similar. Rosebud offers a host of ultra modern features, such as the ever popular parallax scrolling effects. So, if it’s a modern aesthetic you’re after, then you definitely don’t want to miss out on this. That’s for sure.

2. Ayame – WordPress and WooCommerce Theme for Florist and Gardening Shops

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And that brings us now onto the second instalment on out ThemesOnMe list of the top, user rated WordPress themes for florists. So, if you weren’t 100% convinced by the previous Rosebud theme that we suggested, then don’t worry. We have two more fantastic WordPress examples in store for you today, so the chances of you finding your dream theme are pretty high. Don’t you think?


Up next on our ThemesOnMe run down for florists, and in at number two in the countdown, get ready for another treat. Meet the spectacular looking, and utterly beautiful; Ayame – WordPress and WooCommerce Theme for Florist and Gardening Shops. Now, is that a pretty looking theme, or is that a pretty looking theme?

As you can clearly see form the above image, the Ayame WordPress theme features a stunning exterior. It’s clean, modern, minimalist and magnificent. It provides an elegant yet sophistocated aesthetic that will do nothing bust boost your organisation’s current online profile. That, you can count on.

But let’s put looks aside for a second, and have a look behind the scenes at what else is on offer from this fantastic WordPress theme. Well, you’ll be happy to hear that when it comes to it’s overall performance, stats and reliability, the Ayame WordPress theme certainly doesn’t disappoint.

Aside form it’s fantastic design, one of the most – and perhaps THE most appealing aspect of this theme is that Ayame has been specifically designed with WooCommerce in mind. This, in short, makes it the perfect flower shop theme for selling your products. So, if you had been hoping to make the most of your website traffic, footfall and leads by selling your various services, arrangements, products and goods via your floristry site, then this is definitely not a feature you want to miss out on.

And on top of all of that, you’ll be glad to hear that, like you’d hope to expect with most modern WordPress themes, Ayame is based on a fully responsive design. Now, if you’re not exactly an expert when it comes to the old tech department, then don’t worry.

This essentially means that your website will always be displayed correctly and consistently, no matter what sort of device it’s being viewed on. So, whether it’s a smart phone, laptop, desk top computer, or tablet, you can rest assured that your beautifully crafted content will always be in proportion and correctly presented. That, you can count on.

3. Flower Shop – Florist Boutique & Decoration Store WordPress Theme

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And that brings us now to the third and final WordPress theme for florists that we have lined up for you all today. So, if you are still to find the theme of your dreams, then you really needn’t worry. For in true, classic ThemesOnMe style, we have saved our very favourite theme for last. So, without any further ado – check out this final, beautiful floral theme. You never know, it may just be the ideal match for your floral, or garden website.

Last up on our list now, but by no means ‘least up’, get ready for another truly stellar WordPress theme. Meet the wonderful looking and super highly popular; Flower Shop – Florist Boutique & Decoration Store WordPress Theme. Now just look at that.

As you can see, the Flower Shop WordPress theme features a truly sublime design. It’s ultra modern, it’s clean, it’s fresh, it’s feminine. In short – it’s flowers personified into design. The Flower shop WordPress theme is an ideal choice for small, independent boutiques, small chain florists, or wedding floral services. Opting for a theme that has a real, authentic feel to it will do nothing but god for your overall sales. It’s a no brainer really.

But, looks aside – Flower Shop truly is a top dollar theme. It’s packed full of helpful features and functions that will make the day to day running of your site a whole lot easier. For instance, unlike many other competing WordPress themes, Flower Shop happens to be a high resolution theme. Can you imagine trying to display all of those big, bold and beautiful images on a theme that can’t handle high res image files? No. Of course you can’t.

Additionally, the Flower Shop WordPress theme is also offers a range of different ways for your to showcase your floral portfolio. Which is really cool. You can opt for the ever popular, ultra modern, and trendy grid style layout option. Or, alternatively, you can opt for a more classic and traditional masonry style layout option.

Furthermore, the Flower Shop WordPress theme also offers powerful blog options. The layout options offered here include; grid, masonry, puzzle, timeline, and standard – to name just a few! So you can pretty much rest assured that you’re carefully and lovingly put together content will always look as unique, new and engaging as it possibly can. And that’s a good thing. A very good thing.


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